Introduction: How to Smoke a Pipe

Smoking a pipe is a relaxing and fulfilling way to spend an evening.

to begin you will need:

A pipe


A lighter

Optional things may include:


Pipe cleaners

A tamper tool

Step 1: Clean Your Pipe

Before you begin, you should take apart your pipe, throw away the used filter (filters last 3-4 smokes), and run a pipe cleaner through both pieces once or twice. Then put your pipe back together

Step 2: Pack Your Pipe

You want to pack your pipe in 3 stages.

First you fill in to the top with loose tobacco. Tamp down the tobacco with your finger or a tamper until the tobacco fills about 1/2 of the bowl.

Next, you fill the bowl to the top again. Tamp it down to 3/4.

Finally, repeat the process again.

Your pipe is now ready to light. You want to make sure that when you draw through your pipe, it feels like you are sucking through a drinking straw. If there is more flow, tamp the tobacco down a little harder. If it is difficult to draw through or no air comes through the pipe, take it apart and use the needle on the tamper to punch through the tobacco.

Step 3: Light Your Pipe

Once again, this isn't as simple as it sounds and is done in 2 stages.

First you bring the lighter to the bowl, and take about 10-15 puff, moving the lighter around in a circular motion. Put the pipe aside and let it go out. This is called a False Light. Then, using the tamper tool, gently pack down the tobacco.

Next, once again, bring the lighter to the bowl, gently puff on the pipe while moving the lighter in a circular motion, until the tobacco is lit evenly. This is called a True Light

Step 4: Smoke Your Pipe

Now you can smoke your pipe. You want to control the speed at which you smoke.

If you smoke too slowly, the pipe will go out, which isn't a big deal at, but is just a minor inconvenience. Just relight the pipe.

If you smoke too quickly, you will get an unpleasant sensation of prickling in your mouth, called "tongue bite", or worse, you could damage the pipe.

Step 5: Empty Your Pipe

After you've finished smoking, use your tamper tool (or a toothpick) to gently scrape out the ash left in the bowl. And you're done. Just lay the pipe aside in a safe place until you ant to use it again. People say that you should wait 10 hours between smoking 1 pipe, but I've seen no proof to this claim, so I'll leave the decision up to you.