Introduction: How to Spawn a Wither

Today I will be telling you how to spawn the most fierce and powerful mob ever! Which is......THE WITHER!!!!

A wither is a 3 headed boss which damages you by exploding wither skulls at you! It can fly too!

It is very easy to create... but SO hard to defeat! be careful when you spawn will destroy everything in it's path!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Check

Before you even do anything, make sure your difficulty is at easy, normal, or hard. Whatever u do, do not put it on peaceful or else the wither will NOT spawn.

Step 2: Spawning the Wither

First, make a T, one block tall with soul sand. Then, place 3 wither skulls on each block. Congrats! you have just summoned the wither. If it does not spawn, check your difficulty.

Step 3: Kill the Wither and Get Your Loot

killing the wither is hard. We personally recommend running, shooting the bow, and when the wither comes close, attack it with a sword. it will drop a nether star, which is needed to make a beacon.

Step 4: More Resources

if you still do not understand, click on this link:

there is a instructional video