Introduction: How to Stop Stripping Screw Heads

This instructable is a quick modification for drill drivers done at Techshop that will help the drill bit driver to seat into a screw head better so you can avoid stripping out the heads of your screws. The taper (point) on a driver bit sometimes gets in the way of it seating snugly into the flat bottomed screw head. As always start with the correctly sized driver for screw you are using.

Materials/Tools Needed:

Cordless Drill
Disc Sander (Techshop!)
Metal File

Step 1: Load Driver Into Cordless Drill

Load the driver bit into your cordless drill.

Step 2: Square Off the End of the Driver With Disc Sander

Turn the disc sander on and then using the table to rest the drill on, hold the drill at a 90 degree angle to the disc sander face and carefully flatten the point off of the driver end.

Step 3: Inspect Your Work and File If Necessary

Inspect your work and test fit your drill bit driver. If some of the metal burrs get in the way of a good fit, just file them away with a metal file and then enjoy frustration free screwing!