Introduction: How to Succesfully Rick Roll

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I had to Do it! Somebody Had to do it! This instructable will teach even you lowly newb/noob of the internet forums how to Rick Roll well.
First Instructable so be gentle.

Step 1: History of the Rick Roll (And the Unknown Meaning)

To Rick Roll successfully you must know what it is
A Rick Roll is providing a link to something that is relevant to the topic at hand(like saying it is about your third nipple) and then actually giving the link that leads to one of the many videos of Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up". It has become a internet meme and should be respected by all! RESPECT THE RICK ROLL! RESPECT IT!(if you don't get the reference don't bother)

The Meaning of Rick Roll is unclear. thats really all about the meaning to be honest if someone wants to help me out here go ahead but as far as i know there is no meaning its just funny.

The first recorded Rick Roll was on the imageboard "4chan" as a variant of "duckrolling" the same basic thing as a Rick Roll but linking to a picture of a duck on wheels(picture can be found here: ) and Rick Rolling has spread althroughout the internet and has even gone into the internets parent's house of Real Life(bum Bum BUM!)

Many official places have been rickrolled:
*The Church of Sciencetology protests in Feb 2008 were helped in many cities by massive real life rick rolls in New York, Washington D.C., London, St. Louios, Detroit, and Seattle protestors shouted "Never gonna give you up!"

*During March 2008 4 EWu womens Basketball games were Rick Roll'd before the games while Rick Astley Impersonators dance and lip synced to the song.

*During a New York Mets In April '08, against much opposition from it being used as the 8th inning sing-along as voted online (Never gonna Give You Up received more than 5 million votes)n used a run-off poll listing 6 songs instead of the write-in box and they used Never Gonna Give You Up as the home opener and was met with boos.

And Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was rickroll'd back in 2008 (what crazy year)

There is alot of other weird Rick Rolls that you can read from the knowledge base know as Wikipedia ( /wiki/Rickroll.

Step 2: What You Need

Give a general description of the StepRick Rolls are simnple to set up if you are just going for a quick one(a good example of a quick one is right here:

That brings me to another point. Tinyurl and Hyperlinking are definetly your best friend when Rick rolling: they disguise the URL you are using of the infamous song.

Heres the list:
*A tiny Url or Hyperlink code thats leads to a video of Never Gonna Give You Up
*A good plan

Now on to step 1 of Rick Rolling!...

Step 3: Step 1: the Plan

Planning is key and not very time consuming. without a Plan you may get 3 people and thought of as a boob for the rest of your foruming life.

I will give you two examples of Rick rolls one successful and on not so much
Bad one:
You start a topic on a forum about kittens and you are talking about something vaguely interesting on your 2 fat cats with different color ears. Then you post a picture of 2 cats that match what you have said about yours, then you do this:" if you wanna see a better pick of them go here:
Weird Cats
That may get 10% the people your topic interests in other words A COMPLETE PHAIL!

Good One:
I don't wanna make a story to go along with this one(I know 'It defeats the purpose of the example' right?) But heres the jest of it, you slowly lead the person into the roll, this may take some time and alot of patience.

there are two ways you can get a good one in. You may have to spend alot of time with the forums site to gain some respect and leeway with them and plus you don't get mad at them when you get rick rolled if your on right(your head that is) the newb of the street tries to Rick roll and they get thrown out, si?
Or to use your topic post something that is a believable thing like maybe a human brain transplant, something that hasn't been done yet and is believable that will happen and many people may want to hear about it.. When combined these things make an explosive combinations of adrenaline hate and Rick Astley song juice(Yum!)

Step 4: Step 2: the Set-Up

This is really self-explanatory all you have to do is write what you are gonna say and put it in a topic form on a forum somewhere (a popular one for most views, and one that you got respect on! Remember the plan!)

An alternative to linking to a video try linking to this page here

Step 5: View Your Results

Chances are that by now you have people yelling AHH I HATE YOU or people laughing because they got it! and enjoy the art of rick roll, yes my reader Rick Rolling is just like Oil Painting, well maybe not exactly but if you take out the oil, painting and artist with wierd personalities its the same.

A good Rick Rolling Session should get every person who falls for it to post a reply to your Rick Roll, and some weird ones will comments about the fake topic you posted if you give your plan to much meat.
Hope This Help! Happy Rick Rolling!