Introduction: Plastic Bottle Coffee Maker

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Need some coffee huh? Can't get any Starbucks or can't afford it? Maybe your coffee maker is just broken? Well, do not fret thy coffee conisuer! i will show you how to make some coffe in a bottle of water!

Step 1: What Do We Need?

This could possibly be used in other plastic bottles anything you can cut and can withstand some heat.
What do get:
-Coffee beans of your chse (ground of coarse)
- 2-3 coffee filters
-A plastic bottle of water
-A cup (microwavable if you don't have a measuring cup)
- Heated water (Get it somehow maybe in Step 1?)
-Scissors (something to cut the bottle)

Step 2: Step 1 Get Some Water!

If your bottle happens to be in the bottle already then you waste less thats all we really want ,besides coffee, right? Or maybe you already drank the water just go get some more as long as you got some.

Step 3: Heat Thy Water

Find a way to heat the water
Some suggestions
-Brush Fire
An Altoids can stove (another use of the little cans)

Step 4: Step 4 <insert Name Here>

This will be a big step

First Cut a funnel shape off of the top of the bottle (I cut the part where it curved in)

Push the Coffee Filters into the funnel so that it doesn't fold in

Place the funnel into the top of the bottle, you may have to tape it so that it doesn't fall through.

Place the ground coffee beans into the filter

Pour you now hot water into and through the filter not suddenly moderatley into the filter so a steady trikle comes out the filter and into the bottle. You may have to mess around ywith the amounts of water to bean because the filters may affect how strong the coffee is.

Mine turned out to be very weak(pretty bad tasting) but with experimenting you'll get it right. Take my word or your money back.
Warning You bottle may not last 2 runs with hot water because it is to thin!!!

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