Introduction: How to Successfully Upload Music/Video to Youtube

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Hello again.
I'm Here to help you to simply and Easily Upload your MusicTo Youtube.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Well Maybe Not Everyone Can Get These Programs, But I find this very easy to help upload music to youtube. 
I Used;
Abobe Premiere Pro
Abobe Media Encoder
And a Song That You created. (Must be a Mp3 or Mp4 Sound File)

Step 2:

Go to Your Desktop,
Click on The Abobe Premiere Pro Shortcut. 

Step 3: Starting Up With Abobe Premiere Pro

When You Clicked on The Shortcut, the program will take a few mins to upload itself. 
When Finished, A box will appear and Click on New Project (Which is on the far left)
Then another Box Will appear, Click on the button beside Location, This will save your Work on a folder that you wish to save
 it in. Also name Your File that wished to be saved to something Simple that you will be able to find again when finished. 
Another Box Will appear again Showing a New Sequence Click on the Bottom And Name Your Sequence to Your choice. 
Then You will be shown to the Full Program itself. 

Step 4: Importing Your Music

Now Your in The Full Program itself. 
You Will need to head To the Top left Corner and Click on File. And And Go Down to Import And A Box will appear And this is Where You Need to extract your Saved Music File (MP3 Sound File) And Click on it 

Step 5: Placing in Your Sound File to Abobe Premiere

When You Imported the File and finished downloading. 
You'll see the file itself in the middle Row With the File's name there 
Click and Hold the Sound Icon and Drag it to the Audio Timeline so you can hear your music when the Video is Being played. 
(You can Add A Video In the same Format But Into the Video 1 Above the Audio Timeline. By Following the same steps from before.)
When finished Placing the Audio, Go to "File", Head To "Export" and click on "Media".   

Step 6: Using Abobe Media Encoder

When Finished That, A Box Will appear And Show The Export Settings 
(This is Where Your Video will be in a Format To Play on Youtube )
Click on Output name and make sure it's a Located file that You can Find To Upload Your Music to youtube. 
Then Click On Ok. 
Then Abobe Media Encoder Box Will appear and Will Start it's Program
When it's Finished, It's Program Will Appear in a Box and Show Your file that wants to be encoded to a movie.
Click on your file, and "Start Queue" 

Step 7: Locating Your File From Abobe

Exit the Program of Abobe Encoder 
And Go to Your Folder that Was Saved by You. 
Check To See if it's in there. (if Not Retry Again)
When Found head To the Internet. 

Step 8: Uploading Your Music to Youtube

When You get To Youtube 
You'll need to have a Account To be able to Upload Videos/Music to youtube. (If You don't have one. Head To google and Create a Gmail Account)
When You have one now or Already had one Sign in and when in Click on "Upload"
Now Click on "Select File From Your Computer"  A Box Will appear and Click On the File that You Saved from Abobe and Click it 
The Page itself will head to a different area And will start uploading Your Files. (You can see a Preview of your Music/Video in Blue Font beside the "processing your Video" it will have a Url Format in blue click on it)
When on this page You can Do what you want by Changing the Name of the Music/Video and add in other information to it.
Wait a few mins and head back to Your Channel (Account) on Youtube And the Music/Video Itself will be there! 

You Successfully Completed and Easily Uploaded Your Music/Video On youtube!

Hope this Helps You in the future!