Introduction: How to Successfully Wash a Car

Over the past few years I have been working in the detail department, therefore, you should all trust me to have a clean appealing car. I am going to show you five steps on how to do this successfully.

Step 1: The Supplies Going to Be Needed.

In this step, are all of the supplies needed to successfully remove all of the dirt from the paint. The items that need to be purchased if not available already are a bucket, hose, chamois, step ladder, a bottle or car wash soap and a scrub brush, or wash mitt. If you have all of those items, you are ready to have a clean exterior. In picture I have all of the supplies needed.

Step 2: Rinsing the Vehicle With Water.

Find a hose that is long enough to reach around the back side and front side of the car so, therefore, you can properly rinse the vehicle. Then soak the vehicle with just water on both sides, the back and the top. This then, therefore, provides a little bit of a balance between the wash mitt or scrub brush. It helps reduce paint scratching when scrubbing.

Step 3: Mix the Proper Ratio of Soap and Water to Create Cleaning Solution.

Now mix the proper ratio of carwash soap and water, this provides a cleaning solution to remove any dust, bugs, or tree sap. While the vehicle is still wet grab either the mitt or brush. Submerge the mitt or brush fully into the bucket to wet the scrubbing device. Do not use a dry mitt or brush. This will result in scratching the paint. It helps reduce the chance of paint scratching.

Step 4: Scrubbing the Vehicle.

Next is to scrub, start from the top of the windshield moving the brush in a circular motion. May need to use the step ladder to reach the top of the vehicle. Continue moving to the back of the vehicle scrubbing once finished scrubbing the top of the vehicle move to the back end of the vehicle. Once finished move to either the left or right side. Start from the top of the left or right side whichever was chosen. Once the two sides are scrubbed, move to the hood of the vehicle. Start scrubbing from the top of the hood moving down. After that move to the bumper of the vehicle. This may take a little bit more pressure on the brush or mitt to remove bugs.

Step 5: Rinsing and Drying the Vehicle.

Finally, once the car is entirely scrubbed, rinse the vehicle. Start from the top down so all of the soap and dirt is washed off. After the vehicle is completely rinsed, take the chamois and start from the top of the vehicle again absorbing the water. This step adds the finishing touch, removing all the water to prevent water spots. After absorbing the water follow the same routine as scrubbing. Ringing the chamois out is required as needed to function properly. The car has been successfully washed.