Introduction: Making an Impression During an Internship

For many students, an internship is but the beggining of their bright business careers, for others it give them an insight of whether or not they chose the right career path. Regardless of the type of internship you have, there are some steps that should be considered in order to succeed and make a great impression.

Step 1: BE ON TIME

 This is the first, and perhaps one of the most important steps to remember if you are trying to impress your employer at your internship.  Most of employers will monitor you day to day to see if you responsible enough to arrive at your job on time. Doing so will let your employer know that he/she is able to count on you to come in when needed. This is especially important if your internship requires you to attend meetings with clients. Being on time to any job is the standard  so don’t expect to get extra rewards for it, however, failing to do so can have very strict consequences which can determine how your employer will view you as a person and future employee.

Step 2: Always Try to Volunteer

There are many internships will always have alternative charity events that they sponsor or promote to raise awareness of specific issues and in addition usually always ask for volunteers to come in on weekends to do some charity work.  As an intern, it is very important to for you to let yourself be known by other employers and managers of the organization, volunteering can definitely help you network and promote yourself within an organization.  Your goal is to get to know as many people in the organization as you can and normally, it is not easy to network with other employees or managers during the work week because they are constantly undergoing busy work schedules. Your best bet would be to simply volunteer at as many event as possible where you can use your communication and social skills to network with others.

Step 3: Leave a Lasting Image

This final step can possibly be the deciding factor in whether or not you get hired at your internship. I cannot stress enough the importance of leaving a lasting image.  It is important that you make sure that you work on becoming as valuable to the company as you can before your internship is up. When it’s time for the hiring managers to make decisions on who to hire, the first thing that they are going to do is evaluate every possible candidate and think of who can offer the most in terms of value to the company. You want the hiring managers to see your value, as well as your potential to grow and learn.

Step 4: Have a Wonderful Career!

It is very simple to work your way through an internship, but what you do to set yourself apart from others is the deciding factor on whether or not you get hired. Even if the company you interned for cant hire you, it is still valuable to set yourself apart and make good impression because chances are they’ll many connections that you can use to find a job after graduation. Remember, setting yourself apart from other will go a long way in the world of business.