Introduction: How to Take Great Rural Pictures

Rural photography is different to urban photography. For start urban photography usually consists of pictures taken of man made things while rural pictures are those stunning pictures of nature.

They really can give you that feeling of being part of something greater seeing all of the trees and plants working together to build these beautiful scenarios found all over the world.

It shows the true complexity of life on our planet all fighting for sunlight all trying to survive.

Step 1: Prepare and Go to the Nearest Forested Area

You will not always find the perfect picture the second you step outside you usually should go to an area where there is a lot of trees because that brings a lot of opportunity for that perfect shot. The area should also be a bit dense because then a lot of areas lose there beauty because of man made things.

To help you in getting a great pic you should try to get the best camera you can so that you can easily get a perfect shot. You should also if you want bring a tripod so that you can get some less shaky shots.

Step 2: Right Timing

Timing is everything in photography. the best time is the morning because it gives the best lighting but we went out at around three which is probably the second best time to go taking photos. What we did was we also went on a day that was very cloudy so that the sun was a bit dimmed it is more preferable however to do it when it is only slightly cloudy so you have much better lighting.

Step 3: Finally You Have to Make Sure You Have a Good Eye for the Great Spots

With all of the correct gear, the perfect timing, and the perfect setting it will all amount to nothing if you can not look and find those perfect spots. You need to find the place where all of the different plants come together to make the perfect photo. That is the real key to getting those photos.

You can find really great photos everywhere you really just need to look, but even if you are not that good at it go to those great forest areas where there are many more opportunities for a great pic.

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