Introduction: How to Take a Dental Impression.

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This is how to take an impression that is used to manufacture orthondontic retainers, teeth grinding guards, dental whitening trays, and athletic mouthguards. To purchase the impression kit visit:

Step 1: Sizing the Tray

1. You want to size the tray correctly. The dental tray can be pulled apart to widen the tray. You can also brake of rear sections of the tray to shorten the tray.

Step 2: Mix the Impression Putty

1. After the tray is adjusted correctly you want to mix the impression material. You want to make sure that putty isn’t warm before starting. You to mix the putty so that it is well blended together. You want to do this as quickly as possible. You have about 20 seconds to mix the putty correctly.

Step 3: Biting in to Impression Material

Next you want to place the putty in to the impression tray. Next you want to bite in to the putty fully. You cannot bite to deep. You can now push the tray up or down to make sure you have a good fit. Pushing up or done helps to make a deep impression.

Step 4: Remove and Ship Impression

1. After 4 mins the putty will harden and the tray can be removed. You can rinse the impression tray and confirm that the impression is deep enough and accurate.

2. Place the impression in the return zip lock and mail to the dental lab to have your dental appliance created.