Introduction: How to Tie a Uni Knot

So what is an uni-Knot. An uni-knot is a knot used in fishing for many different things, so there are two different kinds of uni knots. One type is to tie a hook to fishing line and the other is called a double uni-knot. The double uni-knot is used to attach two different kinds of line, such as fly line and mono, together.

Step 1: How to Tie the Uni-Knot

The first knot we will go over is the uni-knot. all you need to do this is a hook and line for this.

Step 1:

Feed line through the eye and make a loop with the tag end (making sure there is plenty of tag)

step 2:

wrap the tag end around 5-7 times around both lines but make sure to leave the loop

step 3:

Know take the tag end and the hook and pull tight but make sure to wet the knot before this.

This is the completed uni knot and next I will show how to do the double Uni-Knot.

Step 2: How to Tie the Double

This knot ties a lot like the single but should be used for tying rope together. you can tie a single for tying rope if one (such as mono line) can bite into the other (such as fly line). Okay know to tie the knot.

Step 1:

lay both lines next to each other and make a loop in one(with plenty of tag on it as before) and also leave lots of spare line on the other line

Step 2:

Wrap the tag end around both lines (but not the loop)

Step 3:

Pull this knot tight but not tight enough you cant move it later

Step 4:

repeat these steps again but with the other line

Step 5:

move both knots two were they are touching

Step 6:

tighten each knot and cut the tags off

And there you have it you have tied the double uni- knot. If you enjoyed this tutorial please follow me here for more and also subscribe to my YouTube channel, Axe Outdoors, for outdoors videos by clicking here.