Introduction: Packing Clothes Like a Pro

here is how to pack clothing for 3 days the compact way

Step 1: What You Need for 3 Days

3 pairs of pants, 3 tee shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of under ware, and a change of sleeping clothes (NOTE one pair of pants and one shirt is for sleeping)

Step 2: How It Normally Looks When You Fold It

wow that takes up some space

Step 3: Now Do It MY WAY

now roll your cloths as tight as you can and keep them there with a rubber band I used hair bands and due to the shortage I had to band all 3 tee shirts into one roll

Step 4: Before and After

it decreases the pile size
by 25%. comment and tell me what you think and go to my page and check out my other instructables

Step 5: VOTE FOR ME!

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