Introduction: How to Train a Provider on Dragon

Disclaimer - Training content read by the Provider is for educational purposes only and is not to be used in place of actual medical dictation in the electronic medical record. While there are no immediate safety risks to the Analyst, please be aware the 15 minutes of reading required of the Provider does tend to cause crankiness and irritability with the potential risk of some complaining. Please train with caution and at your own risk before lunch. All screenshots included in the design of this Instructable were taken directly from the application and belong to Nuance Communications, Inc. and all rights are reserved.


1 Computer

1 Dragon Power Mic

Dragon Medical Network Edition 2 software installed on PC desktop

1 eager Provider to train

Step 1: Plug in the Power Mic

After removing your Power Mic from the box, plug the end of the chord into any empty USB port on the back of the PC.

Step 2: Check the Desktop for the Dragon Icon

Verify PC Support has installed Dragon onto the PC (you cannot train the Provider if this step has not been previously completed). Then, double click on the Dragon_274 icon from the PC desktop.

Step 3: Log In

Have the Provider log in using their Window’s username and enter ‘123’ as the password. After logging in, a gray toolbar will appear at the top of the Provider's computer screen.

Step 4: Verify User Profile Creation

Verify they would like to create a profile by clicking the 'Next' button.

Step 5: Verify Age

Have the Provider choose the most appropriate age category. This step always causes some grumbles...encourage them to choose their actual age here.

Step 6: Choose a Specialty

Have the Provider choose the most appropriate specialty they are affiliated with so that Dragon will recognize common words used in that specialty. This step is very important!

Step 7: Verify Accent

Have the Provider choose the most appropriate accent. Heads up: this step always provokes some jokes about why there aren't choices for their Boston or New York accent. Have them choose the most relevant option here.

Step 8: Choose a Device

Since the Provider has been given a Power Mic, please select the Power Mic option listed as choice #1.

Step 9: Review Choices

Review all information shown for accuracy. If any information is incorrect and needs revised, please click the 'Back' option.

Step 10: Position Mic

In preparation for the training, please instruct the Provider to hold the Power Mic roughly 2-3 inches directly in front of their mouth. *Remind the Provider their is a left click button on the back of the mic that can easily be bumped while holding the mic if they are not careful*

Step 11: Volume Check

It's time for the volume check! Encourage the Provider to speak with their normal speaking volume while reading the text on the screen.

Step 12: Quality Check

Please instruct the Provider to read the text on the screen to test the quality of the sound.

Step 13: Now for the Real Training to Begin...

Instruct the Provider to click the 'Audio' icon in the top right hand corner of the toolbar.Then, click 'Read text to improve accuracy.'

Step 14: Training Will Now Begin...

Once the Provider is ready to begin reading, they will click 'Go.' I encourage you to warn them this portion of the training does take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Step 15: Woohoo!

Once the audio is saved, the profile is ready for use and voice recognition training is complete!


Please remind the Providers that the most important thing to remember is to always log out of Dragon everyday to avoid their profile becoming corrupt. Corruption causes common words to be missed/misspelled and could cause inaccuracy and dictation slowness. Exiting Dragon will 'save' any new progress made to their profile each day.