Introduction: How to Transfer Minecraft World to Another Computer

EDIT: This method works only for the Java edition of Minecraft. It will NOT work with the Windows 10 version.
Ever wanted to copy your minecraft world? Well, this instructable will show you that. I will be showing how to do this on a windows PC. (I am moving from windows 7 desktop to windows 10 laptop). This should work with any Windows PC, but different steps must be taken when using Apple or Linux computers.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-2 Computers (or 2 different users on the same PC)

-an USB thumb drive (Google Drive could also be used)


The method described below will only work if Minecraft was installed from the Minecraft website. It will not work if Minecraft was installed from the Windows Store --

Step 2: Find World

1st, open the start menu and search %appdata%

Then, open the roaming folder. (on Windows 10 it may just be called %appdata% folder)

3rd, open .minecraft folder.

Finally, open saves folder.

Step 3: Copy World

Grab the folder with the name of the world you want to copy, and drag it over to your USB thumb drive. Note: if you renamed your world at any time, the folder most likely has the old name.

Step 4: Move World

Safely remove USB drive and insert into computer #2. Then, follow the directions in Step #2 to get to the "saves" folder. Copy the world folder from your USB stick to the saves folder and exit out of everything.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Open minecraft and enjoy playing your old world on your new PC!

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