Introduction: How to Turn Annoying Garden Weeds Turned Into Delicious Fresh Eggs

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Are you constantly pestered with an endless supply of garden weeds? Why turn those pesky weeds into something delicious like eggs!

For this project you will need:

- a source of weeds from a pesticide/herbicide free garden
- a bucket for collecting pulled weeds
- a flock of hungry chickens
- a chicken house with nesting boxes, a roost, and a chicken exercise yard
- an egg carton

Step 1: Gathering the Weeds

First pull some weeds from your garden and put them into a convenient container. I found a spot with lots of chick week, one of the favorites of our chickens!

(Although its hard to tell which is a favorite since they gobble down anything placed in the chicken yard.)

Step 2: Feed the Chickens the Weeds

Open up the feeding hatch of your chicken coop or yard, toss in the yard, and observe the feeding frenzy that ensues.

(The one with the fluffy white head is our rooster.)

Step 3: Gathering the Eggs

While the chickens are distracted by the yummy greens you have just served, go into the chicken house and gather the eggs from the nesting boxes.

Step 4: What to Do With the Eggs

Eggs that you have gathered fresh will be a bit dirty, they were underneath a chicken recently after all. Leave them as you found them until right before you are ready to use them. Then wash the shell thoroughly before cracking to remove any debris and bacteria that are on the outside of the egg.

Even farm fresh eggs like these could have salmonella bacteria so make sure you wash your hands after handing raw egg.

Now what to do with all those eggs...

Bake a custard
Make meringues
Makes some hard boiled eggs
Create a delicious omelette with some of your garden veggies
Bake a fresh loaf of bread and make some French Toast
Make some pancakes
Bake an Angel Food Cake
Make a Souffle
Bake a Quiche
Dye some for Easter
Blow out the eggs and paint them as home decorations
Crush the eggshells and feed to the worms in your worm farm
Crush the eggshells and feed to your tomatoes and roses

If you run out of ideas, search instructables for egg recipes or crafts!

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