Introduction: How to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

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We're going to walk you through how to turn your home into a smart home. SafeWise's interactive tour of today's (afforadable) automated home can help you plan out what, where, and how to automate your home. If you're looking to simplify your life and leave day-to-day mundane activities to a computer, then home automation is for you. Oh, and if happen to be a control freak, then you'll want at least one of these features ASAP!

Step 1: The Big Picture

  • If you want to prevent ice and snow build-up, you should add roof or sidewalk heaters.
  • With climate control, you have complete control over the temperature of your home. You can ensure that your home is energy efficient, and save money by monitoring your home's energy usage right from your smart phone. Your home's Learning Technology will adapt to your wintertime preferences, so you don't even have to worry about.
  • Did you forget to shut the garage door this morning? With a simple swipe on your smart phone or tablet, you can shut it from the gym or the office.
  • Lock and unlock doors for friends and family remotely by investing in a home automation system or smart locks.
  • To save money on your water bill, use sprinkler control to turn them on and off remotely.
  • Install doorbell cameras so that you don't have to get up to see who is at the door (especially if it's another solicitor).

Step 2: The Bedroom

  • With motorized control, you can open and close blinds from the bed. If you have a Murphy bed, or really any home furnishings that moves, you can use the motorized control feature to adjust it.
  • Get a single, universal remote to control your entire home. Now, you can control all of the systems in your home straight from your bedroom, and in some cases, your smart phone.
  • It might sound old school, but if you like to keep your savings in a piggy bank, you can monitor how much you've collected and get alerts if anyone has tampered with it!
  • Make sure carbon monoxide is on your checklist as your automate your life. You'll want to be alerted if CO levels rise in the home, especially if you're asleep.
  • Control lighting throughout the home. If you automate your lights, you can turn lights on before you get home at night, and you can turn porch lights and lights throughout the home on and off when you're in bed or even on vacation to make your home look "lived-in" at all times.

Step 3: The Kitchen

  • Look into ways you can track and sync your fitness and health progress through your refrigerator.
  • How old are those eggs? With home automation, you can keep track of expiration dates on select items in your fridge and pantry.
  • Home automation lets you control music and entertainment on a room-by-room basis, all from the master remote.
  • You can turn appliances on and off remotely, such as the coffee pot or foreman grill. Anything that has an on and off switch can be automated to make life more stress free!

Step 4: The Bathroom

  • Monitor the amount of energy your bathroom appliances are using.
  • Control lighting or even your heated floors remotely, making those cold, early mornings more tolerable.
  • Turn off your curling iron the minute you realize you left it on.
  • Take advantage of moisture sensors that can alert you to standing water. You don't want mold or structural damage to go unnoticed.

Step 5: The Living Room

  • Use inter-device communication options.
  • Teach your home when and where to clean using robotics. If you like the Roomba, you'll like this feature!
  • With motorized control, you can automate anything that moves! This includes curtains, sliding glass doors, screen doors, etc.
  • With key and device location products, you can find put a tracking device on the things you're prone to lose on a weekly basis (like the remote or your keys)!

Step 6: The Backyard

  • Set up a schedule for your pet doors so that your pets can enter and leave the home at your discretion.
  • Feed your pets remotely with automated feeders.
  • Add outdoor security cameras to keep an eye on your yard from any mobile device.
  • Install glass break sensors on ground level windows and doors.
  • Adjust pool or hot tub temperature remotely.