Introduction: How to Turn a Drawing Into an Illustration

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Hi, today i'm gonna show you how i made this illustration and the basic stuff about design, so you can start experimenting with the software and get motivated.



Scaner or camera

Illustration software

Step 1: Scan or Take a Picture of Your Drawing

I used an old all-in-one printer to scan my drawing, you can take a picture of it, make sure you have a quality picture.

Step 2: Illustrating

I made this little youtube video so you can see the process.

Import your drawing on your project.

Lock that layer and create one on top to start illustrating.

Start by drawing the big and general shape of whaterever you drawn, in my case y used the square tool to make the robot's body.

Use the brush to delineate everything. i used my mouse, so you can too.

For painting I used the bucket tool because it is easier to use with the mouse, but you can put a layer under your lines and paint with the brush using different colors.

Finish your design, i wrote "Make Something" and put the color background.

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