Introduction: How to Two-Step

Now we will teach you how to two-step



Your Partner


Country Outfit

Step 1: Grab Partners Hands

Step 2: Step to Guys Left Once

make sure that you understand that the guys (left) is towards the guys (left hand) which is the guys (lead hand)

this will be important to remember that the guys left hand is the lead hand. All of the following steps will be based off of the guys lead hand/left hand.

Step 3: Step Forward Again (Guys Left)

Now do the same thing as you did the step before.

Take a step to the guys left. (the guys lead hand)

Step 4: Step Back Once (Guys Right)

both partners take one full step backwards (to the guys right)

the opposite way of the guys Lead hand

Step 5: Repeat First Four Steps

you should start off looking like this picture above

now both partners take two steps to the guys Left and then to the guys right once

Keep in mind that the guys left hand is the lead hand. Meaning that this hand points in the direction of your first two steps. The next step then should be in the opposite direction of your lead hand.

Step 6: Push Partner Out

so now you start off in the starting position and take a step away from one another.

so you should look like the second picture. Now stay like that until the next step.

Step 7: Pull Girls Hand Across Face

now that you are apart from one another you want to take the girls right hand with you left hand and pull her right hand in front of her face. Now hold that position for the next step in the spin.

Step 8: Pull Partner Till Facing You

pull girls left hand across her face and around head until she is facing you again.

to clear things up you want to pull the girls right hand counter clock wise around her head until she is facing you.

Step 9: Bring Partner to Starting Position

now after you have just spun the girl around you need to bring her to the starting position like this picture above.

Step 10: Repeat All Steps

here is a short video of how it should all look so you can repeat all the steps in a fluid motion.