Introduction: How to UNSOLDER Copper Pipe, Click to WATCH!

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In this video, I'll show you how to unsolder a fitting!

Step 1: INTRO

Alright so why would you want to unsolder a joint rather than cutting it off, here a couple of reasons. The most common reason why one would unsolder a fitting is to save it. Fittings can go up in cost quite quickly and knowing this skill is a must in order to be a qualified plumber.

Another reason is last-minute changes could be made and a modification is needed to complete the job.

And lastly, a lack of space.

In some cases, a soldered fitting will be too close to a wall to cut, the better thing to do here is to unsolder and resolder your new fitting after. If you already have your new fitting ready to install, here are the procedures to unsolder and reconnect it in one go.


Before doing any kind of work, it's recommended to close your main water valve or close the nearest valve and make sure there is no more water in the pipe by bleeding the lines at the lowest point in the house.


When you’re sure the water’s been drained, get your torch and let’s start unsoldering, but first, if you don’t have the new fitting that’ll be replacing the old one, continue on, but if you do have it, make sure to prep it before unsoldering the old one as you’ll be installing It right after removing the old one. If you aren’t sure how to solder, go check out my “how to solder” Instructable, it has clear instructions on how to make a leak-free connection.

If you’re reusing an old fitting that has left over solder in it here’s a cool trick that’ll aid you in installing it. Instead of using sandpaper to remove any excess solder in the fitting, get yourself an appropriate size wire brush and cut the tip off, you could now use your new tool in a drill to speed up the process.


Alright, so start heating the fitting and use a pair of adjustable pliers and wiggle it off. A little tip here is to remove you pliers from the fitting as you’re heating, they’ll absorb the heat and make the process twice as long to complete.

When the fitting starts to wanna wiggle its way off, grab your prepped fitting, swap it with the one you just removed and solder it and you’re done.

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