Introduction: How to Unblock a Sink With Your Bare Hands When You Have No Plunger

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In this Instructable you will find out how to unblock a sink with your hands when you have no plunger.

I worked out how to do this some time ago when my sink was blocked. I wracked my brain for something I might have which I could use instead and realised my hand was a good substitute.

The video demonstrates the technique clearly, with the stages described in the steps.

Not recommended for toilets.

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Step 1: Fill the Sink With Warm Water

Fill the sink with hot water, if it's not already full. Make sure the plug isn't in. Hot water will help shift a fatberg in your U-bend but make sure it's not so hot it will burn you.

Step 2: Cover the Overflow

Put one hand over the over-flow to stop the air coming out. Make sure you've got a good seal so the air is forced down the drain and not out of the overflow.

Step 3: Use Your Hand As a Plunger!

Cup your other hand over the plug hole under the water and forcefully move it up and down, forcing water in and out of the plug hole for about 10-15 seconds. Try repeating if it doesn't work the first time.

Step 4: The Sink Is Unblocked!

Hey presto! Your sink is unblocked!