Introduction: How to Unlock Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2


The Challenge Mode is a third gameplay option in Nintendo GameCube's Pikmin 2. This mode has many fun challenges for those who have beat the game, but want to test their skills. Unlike singleplayer and 2-player battle modes, this option must be unlocked to use. This requires low skill level and does not take long, but it does require knowledge of the game and controls. These instructions will walk through how to obtain this gamemode in an efficient manner.


  • Red Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • White Pikmin (optional)
  • Purple Pikmin (optional)
  • Ultra-Spicy Spray (optional)

Step 1: Perplexing Pool

The first thing to start unlocking the Challenge Mode is to travel to Perplexing Pool. This watery terrain is home to many species and many caves. If it is your first time in the area, you will have to complete a tutorial that the game gives to you when you first land in the new landing zone.

Step 2: Locate Citadel of Spiders

After landing, explore the area and find the Citadel of Spiders cavern to the left of the landing zone.

Step 3: Prepare Your Pikmin

The cavern calls for fire and electricity, so bring at least some Red and Yellow Pikmin. I chose to bring about 50 of each because I prefer to overwhelm the enemy with strong numbers. Bring a handful of White Pikmin to uncover buried treasure. Purple Pikmin can be used to defeat the Boss, although I personally have never attempted it because of the risk of losing them.

Step 4: Work Your Way to the Final Floor

This dungeon contains 5 sublevels, each with many aggressive monsters and obstacles. Use Red Pikmin to put out the fires and the Yellow Pikmin to break the electrical gates. Once you reach the Final Floor, the real battle begins.

Step 5: Final Floor

The 5th Sublevel contains the boss. Beady Long Legs is a giant spider capable of crushing Pikmin under its immense weight with large flat feet. Located inside the large circle to the right, Beady is hiding above us, waiting to pounce on new prey. Fortunately, Beady cannot damage Pikmin until his introduction animation is finished.

Step 6: Boss Battle

There are two main strategies that I regularly use, both requiring small groups of Pikmin. Large quantities of Pikmin are more likely to be crushed to their deaths, and that's just no good. Between 15 and 30 will do.

The first strategy is to attack Beady with Red Pikmin when the body of the spider dips down into throwing range. This occurs naturally every eight stomps. When Beady shivers, he is about to shake your pikmin off his body. Call them before the fallen Pikmin get stomped!

The second strategy is to attack Beady with Yellow Pikmin at any point of the fight. Since Yellow Pikmin can jump higher than any other color, they can be thrown onto Beady and latch onto his body at any time, allowing for a quicker defeat.

If Beady Long Legs becomes too difficult, use an Ultra-Spicy Spray to excite your Pikmin. Higher attack and speed allow for a quick battle. Using Ultra-Bitter Spray will work on Beady, but it is not a good use of the spray.

However, one strategy that does not work well is attacking Beady's feet. Only Purple Pikmin are able to do damage to the feet by using their stomp attack. Another strategy that doesn't work is attacking Beady with Olimar or Louie. There is no way for any of the leaders to reach Beady's body.

Step 7: Finishing Up

When Beady is beaten, his body will split and open, dropping a key while rusting away. This key will unlock the Challenge Mode. Be sure to carry this back to the Research Pod. In the picture above, you can see my Pikmin have been affected by the Ultra-Spicy Spray by the pink energy emitting from their flower.

On your way out of the dungeon, make sure to search for an Iridescent Flint Beetle so you can upgrade Pikmin to Flowers if need be. There is a buried treasure on top of one of the ledges. Use your White Pikmin to dig it up.

Don't forget to save the game! The Challenge Mode will show up on the home screen of the game.