Introduction: How to Use Autoland on the Default X-Plane 11 737

I was flying the default 737 on X-Plane 11 and I wanted to do an autoland. I went on the internet and searched "how to autoland the default 737," but all of the results I got were for the Zibo modified 737. I figured out how to get the ILS frequency and course by checking the map, but I didn't want to have to check the map to use the autoland. I wanted to keep it as realistic as possible. I figured out how to use autoland on the Zibo 737 but I wanted to use the default. eventually after pressing almost every button on the default FMC i figured out how to get the ILS frequency and course only using the FMC.

Step 1: Program the FMC With Your Flight Plan

To get the ILS frequency, you need to have your flight plan set all the way up to your approach runway. you don't need the VNAV set but you do need the LNAV. if you don't know how to program your FMC with waypoints and arrival runways check my other Instructable; How to Program X-Plane 11 Default 737 FMC .Or if you already know your runway's ILS frequency and CRS, then you can skip to step 5.

Step 2: Press the INDEX Button

This will take you to a screen like the one above.

Step 3: Press the Button Next to ARR DATA

If you did not file a flight plan then after you press on ARR DATA there will only be a blank screen.

Step 4: The Runway's ILS Frequency Is Under FREQUENCY and Your Course Is Under LOC BRG

Step 5: Enter the ILS Frequency in Both Your NAV Radios

Step 6: Enter the Course Number in Both of Your COURSE Knobs

Even though it says "LOC BRG" on the FMC, that is actually the Course number you will need for the autoland to work.

Step 7: Descend to 3000 Feet Before You Intercept the First ILS Localizer

If you reach 3000 feet and you still have LNAV enabled then you should see two diamonds next to your artificial horizon. the heading diamond should be a solid pink and the vertical diamond should be solid pink and above the middle.

Step 8: If Both Diamonds Are Pink Then Press APP Before the Vertical Diamond Reaches the Middle

Do not press APP when the vertical diamond reaches the middle, if you do then the airplane will pitch down slightly.

Step 9: If the Vertical Diamond Is Empty, Has a Pink Outline and Is at the Bottom of the Screen, Go Around.

Step 10: After Touchdown You Will Need to React Immediately

After touchdown, the plane will bounce and start to go into the sky again, so right when the wheels touch down push forward on the yoke, apply reverse thrust and raise the spoilers. while the airplane is slowing down, disconnect the autopilot and turn off the autothrottle. Congratulations the airplane has landed.