Introduction: How to Use Polaroid CUBE

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The Polaroid CUBE is this awesome little action camera. For those of you who have no idea what it is, its a mini GoPro. The Polaroid CUBE is about the size of a golf ball and really easy to use. I carry mine with me everywhere just in case I want to take an underwater video or mount it on my bike. This Instructable will show you what a Polaroid CUBE is and how to use it. Have Fun!

Step 1: What Is It?

The Polaroid CUBE is an action camera. It can take photos and videos and has different mounts and cases. It does not have a screen or a Wifi connection. The Polaroid CUBE comes in three colors: Red, Black and Blue. All Polaroid CUBEs have a small, rainbow band going around it.

Step 2: The Camera and Memory

The Polaroid CUBEs camera can take photos and videos. You can choose if you want 720 pixel shots or 1080 pixel shots. It can hold a bit over 31 GB in photos or videos, so you could take at least 30 minute videos with this thing. I have found out that if you take a video over 5 minutes long, it will cut it into 5 minutes increments. But don't worry, it doesn't affect how the video looks. The lens has a 124 degree angle on it, so it can see quite a lot. If you don't want to be in the shot, it's best to be behind the Polaroid CUBE. Below the lens you can see a small ovalish hole. That's the microphone. It works pretty well, except when it's really windy. If you have iMovie or something like that, you can adjust the sound so its not as annoying.

Step 3: The Back Panel

On the side opposite the lens, is a small panel, about the size of a nickel (USA). You use a coin to open it and you will see some switches and slots. Lets start from the top:

Top slot: This is where your microSD card goes.

Middle switch: This switch can be used to change the definition of your photos and videos to either 720p or 1080p

Bottom slot: Your Polaroid CUBE should have come with a little USB cord to plug into your computer. The small end would go in here.

Be sure to close it up tight when your done fiddling with this thing. It can be very hard to replace, so DON'T LOSE IT!

Step 4: The Magnet

The Polaroid CUBE has a electromagnet on the bottom that can be used to stick to metal things like your fridge or your car (I am not to blame for anything that happens). The magnet can get a little warm, but that is totally normal.

Step 5: The Button

On top of your Polaroid CUBE is a button and a light. The light can do different colors and different colors mean different things:

Green: Polaroid CUBE is On or Fully Charged

Flashing Red: Polaroid CUBE is Recording

Flashing Orange: Polaroid CUBE has no microSD Card or is Low Battery

Flashing Red and Orange: Polaroid CUBE is Full Memory

The button has 4 pressing patterns that can be used to make the Polaroid CUBE do stuff. Here is what you'll need to know:

ON/OFF: Hold down for 3 seconds or until you here a long beep and the light turns green (ON) or grey (OFF)

RECORD: Do a double click. The Polaroid CUBE should beep a bit and the light start flashing red.

STOP RECORDING: Click once. The light will stop flashing red and you should hear a beep.

PHOTO: Click once while not recording. A beep will sound.

Step 6: Congratulations!

Now you know how to use a Polaroid CUBE! If you want to learn more about this awesome action camera go to Polaroid CUBE .com.

Here is a video I took using my Polaroid CUBE:

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