Introduction: How to Use Structure Blocks for Building

That's right!
You can use Structure Blocks to build.

Actually, it's copying and pasting, but who's keeping track?

The Structure Block is an amazing tool because it's very much like World Edit in the fact that it can copy things.
(and probably do more than that!)

Let's get into it!

Step 1: Get a Structure Block

In the chat, type: /give @p minecraft:structure_block

That command will give you what you need.

(Keep in mind that for this command to work, you'll need to be in 1.11 or higher)

Step 2: Four in One? Getting Started

You may not know, but structure blocks have FOUR block textures in one!

Those four are:

Data Mode, Save Mode, Load Mode, and Corner Mode.

For this walkthrough, I will just use the Save, Load, and Corner Modes.

When you place down your Structure Block and open up its menu, you are greeted with the Data block.

If you click the highlighted box, it will take you to the next blocks. (Hopefully, that made sense!)

Step 3: Getting Started (For Real This Time)

You'll need to decide what you'd like to copy. For this walkthrough, I'm going to copy a sculpture I made.

(Keep in mind, the structure block can only copy up to 32x32 blocks)

Place down your structure block somewhere near the thing you want to copy, open it and click until you get to the save section.

Name your structure that you're copying and exit the menu.

Step 4: Corners!

Place another structure block so the top of the block is level with the bottom of your build. This is very important!!

Open the menu and click to the Corner mode.

Put the same name that you put in the Save Structure Block into the Corner and click done.

Repeat on the top corner.
!MAKE SURE!: The bottom of the Structure Block on the top corner should be in line with the top of your build.


Go back into your Save block menu and click DETECT.

Some lines should appear around your build. Make sure they outline the whole thing!

Into the Save block once more and click the SAVE button. (the all capitals one)

A message should pop up saying your structure has been saved.

Step 6: Load 'Em Up!

Place another structure block (So many!) In the ground where you want your copied structure to go.

Change it to LOAD mode and enter the name of your saved structure.

Click LOAD and the lines will show up, telling you where the structure will be loaded. If it's the wrong direction (like mine was), simply go back into the LOAD block and click one of the rotation options. (90, 180, 270)

Mine just needed the 180 turn. Once you're ready, click LOAD again and poof! Your structure will appear!

Step 7: Final Word

There you have it!

You have learned how to copy and paste a build from one place to another. Well done!

If you want to remove the lines surrounding your builds, simply break the Structure Blocks.

Thanks for reading!

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