Introduction: How to Use a Coffee Maker W/Grinder

Before my wife brought me into the enlightened future, I used to make coffee with pre-ground coffee. After she convinced me to buy a Grind and Brew, I have discovered the way coffee is supposed to taste!

Making coffee with a coffee maker that has a grinder attached is not very difficult. However there are some important steps that I have missed before and made a huge mess.

Disclaimer: This instructable is purely for educational use and not for any profitable aim. The video embedded is purely for instructional purposes. I do not endorse any equipment shown or used in this video. Always ensure that the pot is turned off and disconnected before cleaning.


  • Coffee beans
  • Water (Filtered water recommended)
  • Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker

Step 1: Ensure Coffee Maker Is Unplugged Before Cleaning

Step 2: Wash Out Coffee Pot With Water

Step 3: Open Top of Coffee Maker

Step 4: Remove Grinder Components and Clean Them Out


Avoid disposing of old coffee grounds in your garbage disposal because they could damage it.

Step 5: Dry and Replace Grinder Components

Note: You can hand dry them or set them out to air dry.

Step 6: Empty Filter of Old Grounds and Wash It Out

Step 7: Replace Filter

Step 8: Add Water

For every tablespoon coffee beans,you should add a cup of water. For example: For 4 cups of coffee, put 4 scoops of coffee beans in the grinder. Then pour 4 cups of water into the water receptacle.

Step 9: Add in Coffee Beans

Step 10: Replace Grinder Top and Close the Top of the Coffee Maker.

Warning: Ensure that the lid Is properly set.

Step 11: Double Check That You Have All the Right Components in Place

Warning: Failure to ensure there are no missing components could result in damage to your coffee maker.

Step 12: Push the On/Off Button to Begin Grinding and Brewing to Get Your Coffee!

Step 13: Bringing It All Together - Here's a Video of the Process.