Introduction: How to Use a Steamer on Clothing

· Begin by hanging the clothing where it is easily accessible

· Make sure the fabric you are steaming won’t melt such as suede or plastic

Step 1: Getting Prepared

· Check that the steamer is plugged in and filled up to the max line with purified water

· Once plugged in and turned on, allow the steamer to heat up until the water is boiling or steam begins to form

· Once boiling, you’re ready to begin steaming

Step 2: Steaming the Clothing

· Delicate fabrics can be damaged, to avoid this keep the steamer a few inches away from the garment

· Run steamer in a downward motion

· Continue this step until wrinkles are gone

· For heavy wrinkles steam from inside the garment

· After steaming, allow 5-10 minutes for the garment to sit and dry before hanging up or wearing.

· Unplug steamer and empty any remaining water inside. Replace the old water with new water.

· Shake the steamer gently to remove any mineral build and empty it again

· Leaving any water in the steamer could lead to mold build-up