Introduction: How to Use the Beelink SEA I Media Player

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In this instructables, I'm going to show you some cool things that you can do using the Beelink Sea I Media player.

First off, I will show you how to record a full HD (1080p) video stream with it.
After that we'll link the 4 special function button's of the remote to any device which has a remote, most likely this will be your TV, but I'm using it on my speaker system.
And last but not least, I'm going to show you how to change the layout to your own.

So, let's get started and explore the possibilities of this media player.

Step 1: What's Inside the Box...

First off, lets see what's inside the box of the Beelink Sea I.

First you'll find the Beelink Sea I itself.
In the box is also a IR remote control included, which has many media buttons.
You also get an appropriate power plug with the media player.
There is also a HDMI cord included, to get you started without needing to find the right cables.

As you see, everything is included to get started really quick.

What's not included:
There is no 2.5" hard drive included, but you can use any type of 2.5" sata hard drive.
There is also no optical cable included.

Step 2: Recording 1080p HDMI Stream

This media center has a quite remarkable feature.

It has an HDMI input. With this input the Beelink SEA I can record 1080p and 720p HDMI inputs.
For example in the included video, it's recording the boot process of a Raspberry pi.

Because the Beelink SEA I has a 2.5" sata drive slot, you can record much more, by recording straight to the disk.

To use the HDMI input, you have to open the HDMI IN application on the home screen.
Here you can choose how to view the stream.
You can view it as a PIP (Picture in Picture) or in full screen.

In the first video, you can see how to record an HDMI stream.

The second video is a part of the recorded footage to see the quality of the recording.

Step 3: Link the Remote Control

The remote control, provided with the Beelink SEA I, has 4 special function buttons.

Those are labeled TV.

The functions are: On/Off, Volume Up, Volume Down, Learn

The learn key is used to setup the special functions, but it can also be used as an extra function. For example: switch audio/video input of your TV.

To learn the keys of your other remote, you have to follow a few steps.

1. First you have to hold the learn button for a few seconds, until the red led lights up without flickering.

2. Then you have to press the key on the remote of the Beelink which you want to connect. The led will flicker slowly.

3. After that you have to press the button of the remote of your TV while pointing both remotes to each other. Now the led will go on for a few seconds and flicker twice fast.

4. Now repeat step 2 and 3 for all 4 buttons.

5. When you have connected all your keys, just press any other key, than the 4 special ones, on the Beelink remote.

That's it. You've successfully connected both remotes, you can try it out and switch on/off your TV.

Step 4: Add Your Own Layout

When you want to personalize the look of your TV box, you can install a custom launcher.

I'm using TVLauncher and I think it works good when using a remote control.

In this launcher you can change the tile per app. And also change all the tabs.

The good thing about android is that you can install a lot of different apps for every task, so it's quite difficult to recommend specific apps.

Step 5: Resume

That's it. That's how you can quickly setup the Beelink SEA I.

Thanks to some unique features of the media player it can perform some tasks a normal media player wouldn't be able to do.

I hope you liked this quick setup guide.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.