Introduction: How to Use the Earth Mother Botanicals 100% Natural Anti-Cellulite Treatment at Home

Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd. offers a 100% natural anti-cellulite treatment that is used in some high end spas in the Caribbean and the UK.  This treatment is now available for purchase and in-home use from and these instructions are for how to most effectively use this treatment at home.

This treatment uses four 100% natural products from Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd. and takes about 3-4 hours to complete.  These products contain herbs and essential oils that work on cells in your body to break up the fat molecules within the cells and to thin the cell membrane to make it easier for the fat to be released.  These ingredients work in conjunction with heat and or friction to remove these fat molecules from the cells. Therefore it is important to include friction and or heat in each of the steps of this treatment to maximize the therapeutic effects. 

Customers have found that they have lost as much as 2-4 inches from their abdomen after just two treatments.  If you want to track your results measure the areas to be treated with a measuring tape before and after treatments and record your results. 


The list of products and materials that you will need:
"Calm Waters Foot & Bath Salts"
“Herbal Detox Wrap"
"Calm Waters Salt Scrub"
"Calm Waters WISIC Massage Oil"
1 roll kitchen plastic wrap
small glass bowl
Bath tub and shower 
warm sweat suit 

Step 1: Prepare Your Treatment Area

You will want to prepare ahead so that you don't have to go looking for anything in between as the Body Wrap step can be very messy and you want to maintain your body heat throughout the process. 

Set up your treatment area in a bathroom. 

You will need the four products,
3 or 4  towels, 
the plastic wrap,
a table spoon,
warm clothing such as a sweat suit. 

Set out the products on the bathroom counter and keep the towels and sweat suit in easy reach. 

Determine what areas of the body you want to wrap with the Herbal Detox Wrap.  Common areas of use are abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms. 

Put enough of the detox wrap into a glass bowl to lightly cover those areas of your body that you want to treat.  (Amount will vary with body size)  Warm it up in a microwave for 45sec.-2 minutes, and cover it to keep it warm.  You do not want to cook the wrap, just warm it up. 

If your bathroom has a heat lamp you can turn it on.

Step 2: Relax in a Hot Bath With "Calm Waters Bath Salts"

Fill your bath tub with water as hot as you can stand without scalding yourself.  As the water is running, add 2-3 tablespoons of Earth Mother Botanicals "Calm Waters Foot & Bath Salts".  Swirl the water until the salts dissolve.  Soak in the tub until the water just starts cooling down around 20-30 minutes or more.  You want to maintain your body heat.  Let the water out the tub and rub your body dry vigorously with a towel. 

This step opens the pores, warms the body to the core and begins to prepare the cells for release and fat breakup.

Step 3: Apply the "Herbal Detox Body Wrap"

Apply the Earth Mother Botanicals "Herbal Detox Body Wrap" with your fingers from the glass bowl.  Start with the thighs, one at a time.  Rub the muddy textured product all over each area to be covered using a circular motion. 

Rinse hands before applying plastic wrap around each thigh covering all of the body wrap.  Next cover the buttocks and abdomen with the product, then wrap with the plastic wrap.  Finally apply the product to the upper arms and wrap with plastic wrap.  If you can get help with this step it will be much easier.  Put on the sweat suit. 

DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  It is very important to drink plenty of water before, during and after this treatment.  Flushing the released fat from the body is essential to the process.


This step is a mud wrap that breaks up the fat molecules and draws them out of the cells.  Toxins are stored in the fat molecules of cells.  This also helps move those toxins out of the cells.

Step 4: Exercise While You Are Wrapped Up

During this step of the process you want to sweat so exercise or housework are great activities to engage in while you are wrapped up.  As you have the plastic wrap and the sweat suit, there is no need to worry about getting the muddy product on anything so go running, ride a bike, do an aerobic workout or whatever your favorite exercise may be.

Going into a sauna or infrared sauna is also very effective while you have the wrap on.  Really sweat it out.  Be careful not to over heat yourself, remember you are wrapped in plastic wrap.

Leave the wrap on for at least an hour but you can leave it on as long as you are comfortable with.  


This step focuses on the heat and friction needed to complete the movement of the fat molecules out of the cells.

Step 5: Remove the Wrap and Shower With "Calm Waters Salt Scrub"

Gently unwrap all the plastic wrap and dispose of it.  Rinse off excess detox wrap in a hot shower.  Turn off shower and apply "Calm Waters Salt Scrub" with a vigorous circular motion.  This step exfoliates dead skin cells and helps to move the fat molecules out of the cells.  Turn the shower back on and continue vigorously rubbing the salt scrub over your whole body as it rinses off.  Vigorously rub yourself dry with a towel.

This step stimulates circulation, continues to move fat molecules and leaves skin soft, smooth and glowing. Removing dead skin and whatever was drawn out through perspiration during exercise. 

Step 6: Massage the Treated Areas With "Calm Waters WISIC Massage Oil"

Massage the areas of the body that you previously wrapped using the Calm Waters WISIC Massage Oil.  WISIC stands for West Indian Sea Island Cotton seed oil.  This oil not only contains the essential oils for breaking up the fat molecules, but the WISIC base oil is very high in anti-oxidants and readily absorbed by the skin. 

This final step leaves your skin moisturized, invigorated and toned as well as continues the process of dissolving the cellulite. 


Step 7: Results You Can Expect From Using the Treatment

There are results that you can expect to see after using the Earth Mother Botanicals Anti-Cellulite Treatment.   

Less stipling and dimpling of the skin in treated areas
Decrease in size of the circumference of the areas treated
Smoother, more hydrated and glowing skin.

Results will vary depending on your personal body type, how long you took with each step, how often you use the treatment and what you do between treatments.

Step 8: What You Can Do Between Treatments to Enhance the Results

This treatment can be repeated as often as everyday for a week, but should not be used that often on a regular basis. If you have a special event coming up and really want to work on it, the intensive treatment is effective.  Once a week or twice a month regularly is good. 

Between treatments you can soak in a hot bath with the "Calm Waters Bath Salts" or use the "Calm Waters Salt Scrub" in the shower and moisturize with the "Calm Wates WISIC Massage Oil"  and always DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! 

Relax and enjoy the process and the results.  We would love to hear feedback on your results and we are happy to answer any further questions at