Introduction: How to Vacuum a Commercial Treadmill

Vacuuming treadmills might sound funny, but it is a very important part of treadmill maintenance, if a treadmill is not cleaned properly it can collect and spread disease, it also causes damage by corroding barring’s and can over heat many parts in the motor case.
This is a fast thorough way to vacuum a commercial treadmill. It only takes about ten minutes to learn and when you get better you could get down to just a couple minutes. If you are doing a lot of treadmills, it is faster with two people, one person disassembles and reassembles, the other vacuums. My brother and I have done around 30 treadmills in a half hour doing it that way.

Step 1: Tools and Preparation

Tools you will need
- drill (Phillips head)
- vacuum
- compresses air (can or compressor)
- rag
- oil
(Some treadmills will need an Allen wrench instead of a Phillips head.)

-Turn off the treadmill, failure to do so can lead to treadmill damage, personal injury, or death.
- unplug the treadmill if needed

Step 2: Disconnect the Shroud

- unscrew the shroud and support casings.
- pull off support casings.

Step 3: Disassemble the Motor Case Shroud

- manipulate shroud case to slide out the front of the treadmill

- It is OK to use force, but be careful not to break the plastic peaces.
- do not loose white inserts, the screw will not hold the shroud without them.

Step 4: Vacuum Around Motor Casing

- vacuum the dust around the outside of the motor box
- vacuum underneath the front roller
- it is also a good idea to wipe down the gunk that will not come up.

Step 5: Vacuum Around the Motor

- vacuum around the motor
- use compressed air to blow dust from motor vents
- use vacuum to catch floating dust particles.

-be careful around any wires, the could still carry current and they also may be hard to find where they go if you disconnect them.
- if using a can of compressed air, always hold it right up, failure to do so can cause damage to any parts in the way.

Step 6: Vacuum the Motherboard

Before you start, do not make direct contact with motherboard.
- vacuum around and under the lift motor
- vacuum around the motherboard
- hold the vacuum about two inches away from motherboard
- use compressed air to blow dust off of the motherboard
- use the vacuum to catch floating dust particles

Step 7: Lubricating the Belt

- put a dab oil on your finger
- wipe finger on the inside of belt
- rotate the belt around to spread oil

Step 8: Reassemble the Casing

- slide case into position
- manipulate edges to fit the shroud case into place
- its OK to use force but be careful not to break the shroud

Step 9: Remounting the Casing

-make sure the wight mounts are secure (they are mounted to the frame, where the mounting screws will come in)
- place the four screws back into position
- be careful not to over tighten it will split the shroud

Step 10: Reassemble the Supports

- slide in to position by pushing it down then slide it up.
- you should be able to hear it snap into place
- remount by placing screw
- wipe down the case

Congratulations, you are done!!!
You have just prevented disease and mechanical failure by cleaning your treadmills.