Introduction: How to Weather Wood FAST (Barnwood Effect)

This Instructable and video will show you how to achieve a QUICK weathered wood effect to simulate what would otherwise take months and years of water and sunshine to accomplish.

Step 1: How to Weather Wood (Barnwood Effect)

This is an old method I use for achieving a gray "weathered" effect in wood. I also show you how to use a wire brush for an even more pronounced effect.

Things you will need:

  • Steel Wool (#000 or #0000)
  • Vinegar
  • Wire Brush
  • Board (I use Pine, but also show the effect on Poplar and Red Oak)
  • Spare containers (small bucket, a couple of cups, etc.)


  • Place one of the steel wool pads in a container large enough to hold it.
  • Pour vinegar into container until steel wool is fully submerged.
  • Let this sit for at least 24 hours.
  • (OPTIONAL: For best effect, use wire brush to prepare board. SEE VIDEO.)
  • Pour the dissolved mixture into a new cup. (Pour through a coffee filter to catch any small steel wool bits.)
  • Add water to dilute the mixture. (In the video I show 1-to-1 water-to-vinegar mix.)
  • Apply to wood.
  • Wait while the vinegar mixture reacts with the wood. It will gradually turn a grayish color.