Introduction: How to Whistle for Those Who CAN NOT Whistle

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I can't whistle. Don't try teaching me, because I CAN'T whistle. Some people just can't. This is an instructable for all you people who can't whistle, or need a new way to annoy people.

Hands (2)

Step 1: The Karate Chop

The first step is what I call "The Karate Chop." Chop you left hand with your right hand. Chop right where the fingers meet the palm.


Step 2: The Bird... Trap

This step is called the bird trap. (?) Trap the bird in your hand....

Step 3: Air Hole

... But leave a little hole so it can breath!!

But leaving the bird analogy, the red part of the picture should be the only part of your whistle that has a hole in it.


Step 4: How to Use It!

How it's time to use it!

Put your lips on the knuckles of your thumbs, DO NOT "make out" with the hole between your thumbs. This doesn't work. Blow down into the hole. Notice how the hole is still exposed when it's up to my mouth. That's okay, it's not a trumpet.

You should have make a single note. To change the pitch, move the fingers on your left hand away from the whistle. This makes it higher. To make that crazy Western Movie Showdown sound, blow while moving your left fingers in and out! With practice, it's very easy!