Introduction: How to Write in Cursive

Writing in cursive is a great way to learn how to write perfectly and neat. The letters are nicer and wonderful, and not boring and bland. Children at 8 years old start learning how to write in cursive. Most cursive writing is used in poetry, to express feeling. Most signatures are written in cursive as well.

Step 1: Materials

First, you are going to need all of the materials you need for this activity. You need a pencil, paper, and something that shows the cursive letters, like flashcards or a board.

Step 2: Writing Letters

Next, you start writing the letters. You might want to practice a few times to get the hang of it, because there is a starting point and a finishing point of each letter. Write them in the same direction as when you see the letter, because it may come out differently if you write in a different direction. You want to write them perfectly because some of the letters look the same like "Cursive F" and "Cursive T."

Step 3: Writing Words

Once you have learned how to write letters, you can use them to write words. The letters in the words are joined together, so that means there are no spaces. Start off with small words to get use to it. You can use the board to look the letters to write the word.

Step 4: Conclusion

Every time you write things in curive, it gets easier to do. You will soon be so well in it that you could be using it every time you write. This is how you write in cursive and thank you for reading.