Introduction: How to a Cardboard Video Game Console

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I'm going to teach you how to make a cardboard video game console 😜, please forgive me for the poor pictures, I took them when I finished


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Step 1: The Steering Wheel

Draw a circle the size of a steering wheel and make holes for your phone and your hands, draw another circle and do the same but don't make any hole for the phone and then add some cardboard between both wheels and glue them together like this

Step 2: Steering Wheel Part 2

Now smoothen the edges and beautify it

Step 3: Joint/steering Rod

I basically attached an empty tissue paper roll (tissue paper cardboard and stuffs) to the back of the steering wheel with the help of glue

Step 4: Dashboard

I basically took an empty cardboard box, opened it, cut one side short and taped it together so it has 3 straight sides and 1 slant side

Step 5: Put It Together

Open a hole the size of your steering rod on the slant side of the dashboard and fix your steering there, it should look like this

Step 6: Design It

You can add any design /sticker to your dashboard(which I didn't 😜🙄

Step 7: Enjoy

Download and game that depends on tilting and gravity for control and enjoy, I recommend alsphat 6,7,8 and down the hill 2
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