How to Make a Cardboard Maniquine Head

Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Maniquine Head

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I'm going to show you how to make a maniquine head with nothing



Step 1: Make a Frame

Get your pencil and draw a human face from a side view.Then draw a human face in front view and make two extra copies,one of equal size and another a bit bigger.Glue the big one in the middle of the side view by cutting slots on it and on the side,do the same for the other two pieces

Step 2: Put on Some Skin

Just keep cutting and pasting cardboard on the frame until you can't see it anymore

Step 3: Make a Face 🙂

Keep pasting cardboard until you have a face
(See photos)

Step 4: Finish

Add your finishing touches and details

Step 5: Use It

It can help you in making other masks projects

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