Introduction: How to Apply a Drawer Liner

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Contact paper is great for protecting your drawers and shelves. Also great for giving them a fresh look without having to paint.

Step 1: Clean the Drawer

start by cleaning the drawer with a wet rag. Then let it dry, so the contact paper will stick to the drawer surface.

Step 2: Tools

contact paper
printer paper
sharpie or pen. (marker of some type works best)

Step 3: Make the Custom Template

Start your template at the front of the drawer. Lay down one sheet of paper in the corner. Then lay another over lapping the first. Place a piece of tape to hold them together. Continue to do this until the drawer surface is covered. Make sure to leave about 1/8 inch gap at the back of the drawer. since the contact paper will be slightly curly and it will guarantee it won't run up the back of the drawer making it easier to pull up during use.
I used 4x pieces of paper.

Step 4: Use the Template

Pull up the paper template and place it on the backside of the rolled out contact paper. Try to get the contact paper as flat as you can get it. I taped mine to the table. Then secure the template to the contact paper edge making sure you line up the corner.
With your maker, trace around the edge of the template. Being sure to write on both template and contact paper. So then when you pull up the template you will have a nice crisp line to follow with your scissors.

Step 5: Cut to Size

Cut along the line. Cut as close to the sharp edge of the line as you can. Since that was the true edge of the template. The contact paper cuts easy if you start the cut and glide the scissors along the line.

Step 6: Laying the Paper

Start by pealling the one edge of the contact paper and aligning it in one corner and down one edge. Lay down a few inches of paper making sure it's bubble free and aligned well. Then from underneath the paper, grab the waxy side of the paper pulling it back as you press the new exposed stuff down flat and bubble free.

Step 7: Done!

Now the wood is protected and your drawer and/or shelf has a new fresh design.