Introduction: How to Build Your PC for Media Center, Web Server, Files Sharing

This tutorial show you to how to build a PC for install my media center, web server, share files.

For me I'll use it to make a media center.

What do you need ? :

  • Mini or mid tower
  • Mother board
  • Processor
  • Ram

For my use I do not need a powerful configuration.

A simple motherboad with external HDMI and Dual core processor and 4 Gb Ram is good.

Step 1: Description of Components

  • First, buy all components before build your PC

  • My mother card is an ASUS-A88XM-A - Socket FM2+. It is FM2+ socket format.

It cans support Athlon A Series, have DDR3 slots, HDMI output and USB 3.0 output.

For the HDMI output, you need to have a CPU with integrated graphic (like Athlon A Series)

  • A 4Gb DDR3 memory (CRUCIAL DDR3 PC3-14900 - 4Go - 1866MHz) if enough for media center, web server, share files ...
  • My processor is AMD A4-4000 - 3.2 GHz

  • I choose a mid tower COOLERMASTER N200. There is more space for append hard drives.

In this mid tower I can append 3x3"5 hard drive and I have 2x5"1/4 racks.

  • I use a 400Watts power supply ATX format, with 20+4 pins connector and 12v connector.

Step 2: Beginning the Build

First, plug the I/O shield into your mid tower, before install the motherboard.

Plug the brass spacers on your tower. There are lots of hole, watch your motherboard to know where fix these.

Then install your motherboard and screw the screws in the brass spacer.

And then plug 20+4 pins connector and the 12v connector.

Step 3: Install the Processor

Before install the processor you need to lift up the bar of the the support.

Place your processor on the support and push the bar to lock the processor.

Step 4: The End

Before the end, you can install the cooler and the RAM.

  • The cooler is already to use. It integrates the thermal compound.

Fix and lock the cooler.

  • Plug the RAM into the first slot and push it. The RAM is locked automatically.

Now, download the motherboard notice and go to install power connector page.

Plug each connector slowly because it's very little.

Step 5: All Is Done

The main build is done.

Now, install your hard drive in bay and fix it with screws. Plug the power sata cable on hard drive and plug the sata connector to hard drive and motherboard (see picture).

By experience, make first a power on before close all.

If all is done, install your distrib. Mine is Xubuntu with XBMC.

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