Introduction: How to Change Google to Your Name

This is really cool trick to show your friends. Since I made this instructable google updated its html so I made a youtube video showing how to do it.

Step 1: Changing Your Name

This trick works on google chrome and firefox.

Don't worry if you mess up the changes aren't permanent and will go away after you refresh or open a new page

First open google and highlight the country just below google and then right click it once the meun has popped up go to the bottom and click inspect element. The html editor should pop up. the html you want to edit should be in blue, right click it and go to the top which should say edit as html click that. What you want to edit should be in something like a text box and the country your in should be in black click after the last letter of your country delet it and type what you want to type. Once you are finished click out side the box and the writing should change you can also change the colour on the right side of the page.

Now if you want to change the google logo its self. First search the word or name you want to find .png at the end click on the picture if it is a png the backround should change to grey and white squares right click the photo and copy the photo location go back on to the tab you were editing and put your mouse on the google logo and go to inspect element again the html for google should be in blue now right click it and edit as html it should say in the text box something like backround url with a link in brackets delete that link and paste your link in and click outside the box and the word or name should appear.

Step 2: Once You Get Really Good

you can change just about everything on the page like the languages and search buttons

Step 3: