Introduction: How to Change the Texture of Tofu

Many people don't find the texture of tofu appealing, complaining of its watered down texture, slimy texture, mushy texture, but you can change the texture of tofu and dramatically change your eating experience of it, and create really delicious stir fries like this one, after you've changed the texture.

Step 1: Draining the Excess Water From Tofu

First cut your FIRM or EXTRA FIRM tofu (not medium firm or silken tofu) into 1 inch cubes.  Line a plate with TWO paper towels and allow excess water from tofu to drain into the paper towel.  This step is very important, eliminating as much water as possible.  Allow tofu to drain for 10 to 15 minutes.  Your paper towels will be saturated.

Step 2: Preparing to Fry Tofu

Heat a wok over high heat and add vegetable oil.  

Step 3: Add Tofu to Oil

Add drained tofu carefully, being careful as the oil can splatter.  

Step 4: Fry Until Golden

Fry, turning occasionally until tofu begins to turn golden brown.  You have now changed the texture of your tofu.  Enjoy this new texture in stir fries or just as it is.