Introduction: How to Connect Your Intel Edison Board to WiFi

This -ible contains steps to set up WiFi network access to your Intel Edison board and obtain an IP address.

Step 1: Assemble Your Board

Install the Mini Breakout Board onto the Expansion Board, attach the leg, and plug in your cables

Step 2: Choose Your Operating System

The Windows 64-bit Installer will install tour drivers, update your firmware, and let you install your development environment (IDE).

Do you have a Windows 32-bit system?

Step 3: Set Up a Serial Terminal

You'll need a serial terminal connection to your board for flashing the firmware.

Set up PuTTY

  1. Download the PuTTY terminal emulator:
  2. Double-click the putty.exe file you downloaded to run it.
  3. Configure the PuTTY menu as follows:
  • Under Connection type, select
  • Serial.In the Serial line field, enter the COM port number for your board that you noted inConfirm installation of FTDI serial drivers and locate the COM#. This should take the form of COM#, where # is the number of your port (for example, COM12).
  • In the Speed field, type 115200.

4. Click Open to open your serial connection.

5.When you see a blank screen, press Enter.

If you have an old version of the firmware, you may have to press

Enter twice. A login prompt is displayed.

6. At the login prompt, type root and press Enter.

7. By default, root does not have a password. Press Enter to see a terminal prompt.

Step 4: Connect Your Board to the Internet

Set up Wi-Fi

Picture 1: 1,2,3,4,5

Picture 2: 6,7

Picture 3: 8

Picture 4: 9

1. Establish a serial communication session with your board.

2. To configure your Wi-Fi, enter the command:

configure_edison --wifi

If you get an error saying configure_edison: not found, you need to update your firmware.

3. When asked if you want to set up Wi-Fi, type Y and press Enter.

4. Your board will scan for Wi-Fi networks for approximately 10 seconds. When it is finished, a list of available networks will be displayed. If you don’t see any networks, enter 0 to rescan.

5. Choose the network you would like to connect to, type the corresponding number from the list, and press Enter. To confirm your entry, type Y and press Enter. In this example, to connect to the kafka network, enter 16.

6. If your network requires a password or other information, enter the appropriate network credentials.

7. The board will attempt to make a connection to the network. When you see a Done message, your board is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

8. Note the IP Address, as shown in the image above. This is your board’s IP Address. Alternately, enter the command:


9. Make note of your wlan0 IP address,

To verify connectivity, you may want to ping your board from another computer on the same network using the IP Address obtained above. Alternately, you can try accessing your board by typing in your IP Address into a browser of another computer on the same network. If you are having problems connecting, try running the following commands in a serial communication session with your board:

ifconfig usb0 down

ifconfig wlan0 down

ifconfig usb0 up

ifconfig wlan0 up

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