Introduction: Traditional Chinese Dish - Kung Pao Chicken


Kung Pao Chicken is a traditional Chinese dish and famous for its richness and variety. This is a delicious dish with sweet and spicy taste. And it is easy to cook by yourself! Most of the ingredients could be bought from most grocery stores.

Allergy Information

The dish will use chicken and peanuts as the main ingredients. If you are allergic to peanuts, please replace peanuts with green pepper.

Step 1: Main Ingredients

Boneless chicken thigh (180g),

peanuts (20g),

chili (4),

ginger (5g),

green onion (5g)

(All the ingredients are available in any Asian supermarket)

Step 2: Seasonings





soy sauce,

cooking wine,



(All of the seasonings are available in an Asian supermarket)

Step 3: Make Sauce A

Starch in water (2 teaspoons),

Water (1 teaspoon),

Sugar (2 teaspoons),

Vinegar (1 tablespoon),

Soy sauce (1 tablespoon),

Cooking wine (1 tablespoon), you could use white spirit instead.

Oil (1/2 tablespoon),

Salt (base on personal preference)

Mix all together

Step 4: Make Sauce B

Soybean sauce (1 small spoon),

Cooking wine (1/2 small spoon),

Starch (1/2 small spoon),

Oil (1 small spoon)

Mix all together

Step 5: Prepare the Chicken Thigh

  • Clean and cut the chicken thigh into small cubes.
  • Preserve them in sauce B for 20 minutes.

Step 6: Cut the Ingredients Into Smaller Pieces

  • Cut the chili and green onion into small pieces
  • Cut the ginger as small as possible

Step 7: Pre-fry the Chicken Thigh

  1. Put the pan on fire
  2. Add some oil in it when the pan is heated
  3. Put the preserved chicken thigh in pan and fry it until the color of chicken change into white.
  4. Put the fried chicken into a bowl.

Step 8: Fry the Chili

Use the oil left in pan to fry the chili in soft fire.

Step 9: Mix and Fry the Ingredients

Mix the cut ginger, green onion and the fried chicken cube in pan, fry them for 30 seconds.

Step 10: Add Sauce a and Peanuts

  • Add sauce A into the ingredients
  • Fry them until the sauce is almost evaporated.
  • Turn off the fire.
  • Add the peanuts, fry and mix the ingredients for a few seconds.

Step 11: Serve It!

Congratulations! You have successfully cooked a traditional Chinese food! Please serve it with white or brown rice.