Introduction: How to Cook Bacon in a Paper Bag

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Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you how to cook bacon (and eggs) in a paper bag. This works well if you are camping or hiking. This is my first ible so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
·A paper bag
·A knife
·Eggs (optional)

Step 2: Get the Fire Going

Build a small fire that will burn out fairly quickly. All you need is the coals afterward.

Step 3: Prepare the Bag

Start by cutting a few strips of bacon in half. Then take one half of a strip of bacon and place it inside the bag. Then rub it around on the inside of the bag to saturate it. The grease should bleed through the bag a little bit, making sure that it completely saturates the sides and bottom.

Step 4: Prepare the Food

Using the pieces of bacon, form a layer on the bottom of the bag. If you want to make eggs as well, place them inside the bacon. Then fold up the bag, and try poking a sharpened stick through the folds.

Step 5: Cook the Bacon

After letting the fire burn out, cooking your food is as simple as placing the bag on the hot coals left over. Just watch the food as it cooks to make sure that the bag does not combust. It should be left on the heat for about ten minutes, checking it every now and then.

Step 6: Finish

When the bacon looks done, it can be removed. If you are cooking eggs as well, when the yoke its cooked then its ready to eat. I didn't watch mine too well, and the bag combustee. However, the food was not ruined.

Step 7: End Remarks

If you let the bag sit on the heat too long, the bacon will stick to the bottom and overcook. Also, the bacon won't be the most crispy, but this can be fixed by draping it over a stick above the flames to crisp it up. Well that's all, so I hope you enjoyed!
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