Introduction: How to Create Henna Coasters

Henna doesn't only use to paint your body, you can use it to decorate anything. Today I will show you how to create a Henna coaster. Follow the steps below. (All the material should be able to get from Michaels Arts & Crafts and Etsy)


*Art Panel
*Henna Cone
*Acrylic Paint
*Glitter Glue
*Mod Podge


Approximately Under $10

Total Time:

45 minutes


Have to squeeze the henna cone softly but constantly. If you press hardly henna paste may stuck inside. Henna is a non- permanent stain so hand gloves may protect you from any accidental henna stain.


1) Paint the art panel with acrylic color of your choice. Use brush to make even coat of acrylic. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes

2) Use any marker pen or 2B pencil to design your panel. you can make any design you want. If you are a beginner then use stencils or trace paper to trace your design. I am doing a 3D flower.

3) After you finish tracing design, take a medium size henna cone and cut it's tip with scissor. You can order henna cone from Etsy
( Simple design with henna over your design. It may seems difficult to handle the cone; but think about it as a pen. Squeeze it softly and move along with your design.

4) Let the henna sits for 30 minutes.

5) After the henna completely dry put some Rhinestones and glitter glue to give your coaster a bling.

6) Finish your coaster with Mod Podge. Spray couple of times. This will seal the henna and you don't have to worry about the henna flakes.

7) Now take some selfies with your first handmade henna coaster.