Introduction: How to Create an Origami Boat

Too many kids these days always complain about being bored or having nothing to do.  The majority of them end up either watching too much TV or playing too many video games.  A lot of young kids are obsessed with the current technology era and rarely accomplish anything that does not include something electronic.  Some kids even get into the mindset where they automatically conclude that if it is not electronic, then it is not fun and therefore not worth doing.

I firmly believe that if each child tried to create something with their own bare hands and not rely on only technology for entertainment, the excessive use of TV and computers would decline.  The simple art of making crafts by using common household materials is rarely seen anymore.

I will show you how to make a really cool origami boat that could be used as a toy or just for entertainment purposes using only a piece of paper. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need a square piece of paper.  The size does not matter, but the smaller the square, the harder the folding will get towards the end of the project.  I recommend using a standard 8.5" x 11" paper for your first origami boat.

Note:  If you do not have a square piece of paper, then any shaped piece of paper will work.  Step 2 will explain and show how to make a square piece of paper.

Optional tool: Scissors

Step 2: Getting Started

If you are starting with a piece of paper that is not shaped like a square, you need to take the top right corner and fold it diagonally down until it is aligned with the left edge.

Next, if you happen to have some scissors handy, then all you need to do is simply cut off the bottom rectangle so you are left with a square after the right triangle is unfolded.

If you are not so lucky and do not have some scissors laying around, then you need to fold the bottom rectangle up so it creates a crease.  Next, you need to moisten the newly created crease and then tear the bottom rectangle off so you are left with a square piece of paper  that is folded diagonally in half.

Step 3: Rectangular Folding

Fold your square piece of paper in half four times (twice diagonally, once horizontally, once vertically).  When unfolded, your piece of paper should have creases as shown below in the first picture.

 Tip: All folds made throughout this instructable should be precise and as smooth as possible.  You can accomplish this easily by applying pressure and running your fingernail along the crease.

Next, you need to choose either your vertical or horizontal crease to be the center of your boat.

Once you have chosen the future center of your boat, fold the two sides so they are touching each other along the center crease.  Shown in the second and third pictures.  It will create a rectangle which opens from the middle.

Step 4: Repeated Corner Folding

Take your paper that should now be shaped like a rectangle that opens from the middle and fold all four corners to the center crease of your boat.  Your project should resemble the first picture.

Note:  Some folds start to become more difficult depending on the size of paper you began this tutorial with, just complete to the best of your ability.

Once the first fold is completed, you need to fold all four corners to the center crease of your boat again.

You should end up with a diamond shape piece of paper that looks like the second and third pictures.

Step 5: The Final Fold

Now fold the two sides of the diamond so they meet at the very center of your boat.  The two tips will touch at the centerfold.

You are now completed with all of the folding of your new origami boat!  There is just one more transformation step that needs to be taken before you are completely finished.

Step 6: Transformation

This part can be very tricky and you will only get better at it through practice.

Now open the boat from the middle and flip it inside out.

To flip it inside out, you need to continually take turns pushing the top and bottom of your boat in small increments in order to prevent large tears.  The overall action is for you to push the bottom of the boat (inside portion once you open up all of your folds) up while bending the outside of your boat back. This will most likely feel like you are completely destroying your creation, but in order to complete your origami boat, this step is essential.

The first few origami boats you make may rip or tear in some places but those are minor details and will no longer occur once you practice a little more.  Practice makes perfect.

This step may be easier or harder depending on the type of paper used.  If you are having troubles and can not seem to make this step work, perhaps try using a lighter piece of paper that is not as thick and is easier to fold.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Once the origami boat is technically finished, you can make a few adjustments to try to clean up some possible tears or rips in the paper from the transformation step.

You can now proceed to decorate it as you seem fit (some more advance decorations/patterns may have to be drawn on before you start folding in order to achieve the desired final product).

Enjoy your new origami boat!