Introduction: How to Decorate a Diary or Journal

OHHHH God! I am bored of those boring colours of notebooks/journal.I want to decorate them!

There are several ways to decorate a notebook/journal.So lets check them out!

Step 1: Use Jeans U.u

Use jeans.Use the jeans as the notebook cover and glue or sew it.It's a little hard but I am sure that it will look awesome!

Step 2: Use Nailpolish

Use different and colourful nailpolishes to decorate the cover of your notebook/journal.Just make any design or write your name with the nailpolish in bubble or any type of writing,and you are done!

I know it sounds a little weird= "Decorating covers with nailpolishes" but its possible :P.

Step 3: Using Alphabet Stickers

This I am word collage book is awesome!

I love this idea.You can get alphabet stickers on any stationery.Make sure that the stickers are rocking and colourful so it will look fab!

Step 4: Use Fabric

Using fabric for decorating the cover is so simple.Just take some white glue and stick the fabric on the cover.

Step 5: Use Ribbon

Buy a decorated diary.Use ribbon to make a pen holder and tie a knot.It will look nice.

Step 6: Use Shapes

Decorating a very simple diary by adding some shapes of stars,hearts or polka dots.If you want to make a polka dot shape,then use a coin to make it,if you wanna make stars or hearts,then use the shapes around your house.You can make more different shapes by using other shapes.

Step 7: Use Washi Tape

Using washi tape is very easy and it looks so cool.You can find washi tape on a stationery.Use alot of washi tapes so it will look more good.

Step 8:

Step 9: