How to Do Laundry 101

Introduction: How to Do Laundry 101

Need to learn how to do your laundry? You have picked the right place then! Follow these simple steps and you will have your laundry done in no time!

Step 1: Prepare Laundry

    1.1 Sort clothes by these categories:

    a. Whites

    b. Darks

    c. Towels (Can be washed with Whites, Darks, or Reds)

    d. Under Armor

    e. Reds

    • Sort clothes so that certain clothes don't bleach others such as a red turning a white shirt pink.

    1.2 Place detergent pod in bottom of washer, or add liquid detergent to fill hole if you do not have pod. If the load is quite large it might require 2 pods or more detergent. (See liquid detergent instructions on the bottle for amount needed)

    Step 2: ​Load Washer

        2.1 Put one of the categories of clothes in the washer.

          • When putting the clothes in the washer, empty the pockets to ensure you do not wash something of value.

          2.2 Close the washer lid.

          Step 3: ​Set Washer

            3.1 Select water temperature.

            3.2 Follow the table above to determine the washer preset for your load type. (Click picture to enlarge)

            3.3 Push washer button to start.

            Step 4: Dry Clothes

              4.1 Take the clothes out of the washer.

              4.2 Place the clothes in the dryer.

              4.3 Set time to “Normal” on regular loads and increase the time if the load is larger.

              4.4 Follow the table above to determine if the load requires a dryer sheet. (Click picture to enlarge)

              4.5 Push the dryer button to start.

              4.6 Place next load in washer and repeat steps starting at “Load Washer” instructions until all clothes are washed.

              Step 5: Fold Clothes

                • If the clothes are not dry, then dry them again.
                • Typically, 15 minutes will dry the clothes the rest of the way.
                • When the clothes are dry, take them out of the dryer and fold them.
                • Do not forget to empty the lint trap before starting the next load.

                When all loads are dried, you have successfully finished your laundry!

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                  7 years ago

                  Very nice. I appreciated your clear, concise instructions and the well done photos to accompany each step. Also, your "Click picture to enlarge" comments were helpful, and I was glad to see the charts included to provide additional information. I'd recommend a thorough proofread before the final project is due—pay particular attention to punctuation errors or inconsistencies in when/how punctuation is used. (Since your steps are complete sentences, I'd recommend using periods!) Also, in Step 2 I think "cloths" should be "clothes." I wonder if it would be helpful to your target audience for you to briefly explain why they need to sort clothes into the categories you provided. People who have never done laundry before might not know the reasoning behind it without your explanation. Also, your use of numbers don't work in places. For instance, in Step 2 you have a 1. followed by another step under it that is also 1. Plus the top-level headings are numbers too. So maybe you want to do an outline-type format where you alternate between letters and numbers or use bullet points or something else to distinguish steps better? Finally, all your steps that are the primary headings should be consistent in how they're presented. So "Set Washer," "Dry Clothes," etc. (use verbs in the same form to start each step). Overall, great work.


                  7 years ago

                  Nice instructions. Thank you for sharing!