How to Do a Lapisneta

Introduction: How to Do a Lapisneta

I am going to show you, quickly, how to do a Lapisneta.

Lapisneta is a half pen and half pencil gadget. It´s very easy to make and everybody can do this at home.

The reasons for lapisneta use are:
• Nobody will take your pen or pencil away, intentionally or not, because you will be the only one that have one of this.

• It´s very easy to carry.

• You will look like an authentic fulltime DIYselfer.

•  And it´s a pen and a pencil…at the same time! You don´t need any more search for a pen or a pencil, because now they are in the same place, and thus you don´t will lose time… and time is money!!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

 A pen (preferably spent by half), a small pencil and a little bit of adhesive plaster (or other kind of adhesive tape)

Step 2:

To occupy less space, you may to saw off the pen a little above the ink tube, and also cut the ink tube.

Remember to mark your best size with your pencil.

Step 3: Now, a Dowel

Using a knife, roll the pencil along it to mark and to delimit the place to chop (it’s very important to do this step, because we need to chop and trim carefully, avoiding an irregular and asymmetric surface). I recommend making a dowel neither so large nor so small. It may crash if so large, and don’t fix well if so small

Step 4: Chopp and Trim

Step 5:

The dowel must be smaller than the pen hole, so as you go chopping, it’s good to measure the pencil dowel in the pen hole. Keep trying until it fix relatively firm. (now it’s a protolapisneta!).

Step 6: Almost There!...

With an adhesive plaster, roll up the protolapisneta, with 3 or 4 turns. It’s important to roll very, very tight! Always try to hold it from the pen side.

Step 7: It´s Done!

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    super glue was an idea... but I really don´t now why I decide to use the tape...
    In time, here is an updated with superglue! works fine!

    Thank you, MrOddjob


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Why not use PVA adhesive on the dowel before inserting it into the pen? you would not then need the tape, (which looks rather unprofessional), and it would slide into a pocket easier without the bulky step of the tape. Nice idea though, I often find a pen will not write on a greasy surface whereas a pencil will and having both in the same place is very handy, thanks for sharing.