Introduction: How to Do a Wicker Basket?

Here we are going to show you how to do a wicker basket. Wicker basket is a handcraft do it in a lot of Countries(Guatemala). The wicker is the stick of the wicker plant, there are a lot of kinds of wicker such as the white wicker and the frail wicker. The wicker is from the family of the willow, a hard and resistent kind of wood, but the wicker is very flexible too.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Curved tip razor
-Rapping iron
-Boxwood cleave

Step 2: First Step

With the curved tip razor and the secateurs you cut the sticks to have the size you want it to have and the form to do the base of the wicker basket.

Step 3: Second Step

Put the wicker in a recipient with water for  20 or 30 minutes. So the wicker is going to be more flexible and easy to work with.

Step 4: Third Step

Measure 5 pieces of wicker of  the size you want it to have (Recommended 30 centimeters) and cut it.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Form a cross with the cut pieces. Put 2 and cross the other 3 over.

Step 6: Fifth Step

With a whole strip of wicker start to tie up the other 5 pieces.

Step 7: Sixth Step

Continue doin'g circles around the center. 

Step 8: Seventh Step

Whe finish the circles you have to tie up with the piece of wicker and cut what is left. Put between another strip of wicker and tie up too.

Step 9: Eight Step

When that is done you continue passing the wicker front and behind  the sticks do it the form of the basket. 

Step 10: Ninth Step

Just missing to do the braid on the top doing a circle to look good and finish to tie up the wicker sticks so it dosn't disassembled.

Step 11: Thenth Step

Cut the wicker that left on the top.

Step 12: Finished Work

And then you have a handcrafted wicker basket finished.

Step 13: Uses

Now you can use your wicker basket for decoration, carry things inside or whatever use you can give it.