Introduction: How to Do a Full Body Workout in a Chair

In this Instructable we will discover how to get an effective workout without going to any health club. Instead, we will find alternative ways to perform healthy exercises using just a chair.

Step 1: Clean and Provide Space in the Room

Before any workout, it's important to make the room as spacious and clean as possible in order to have the proper workout environment.

Step 2: Get a Chair

Make sure to have chair available at all times. Without a chair, there is no workout!

Step 3: Stretch!

Extend your right arm across your chest and use your left forearm to push your right arm as close to your chest as possible. Perform this stretch for 15 seconds and then switch arms.

Step 4: Exercise #1: Shoulders/Arms

Without weights, sit in the chair and hold both arms in the air at a 90 degree angle. After that raise your arms straight up and return them back to the 90 degree angle. Perform this exercise twice for at least 2 minutes each time.

Step 5: Doorway Stretch!

Extend both arms on the side of the door. Try to push your body as far as possible through the doorway and then lean forward. Do this stretch for thirty seconds.

Step 6: Pushups/Chest Work

Keeping body straight, lower upper body to floor by bending
arms. To allow for full descent, pull head back slightly without arching back. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

Step 7: Core/Ab Work

Sit in the chair and raise your legs off the ground. Make sure your legs are straight. Once they are straight bend your legs as much as you can and then place them straight out again. Do this exercise very slow. Perform this exercise 3 times for 2 minutes each interval.

Step 8: Quad/Hamstrings

Sit in the chair and place your legs at a 90 degree angle. Push your legs off the ground and extend them straight out. Repeat this process. Do 3 sets of 60 reps.

Step 9: Stretch!

At this part of the program it is important that you stretch your legs by mounting your heel on the surface of the chair and then doing your best to bring your lips to your knees. Do this stretch for 40 seconds each leg.

Step 10: Calf Work

As you stand behind the chair, lift your heels of the ground and put them back down. Do this exercise slowly and perform 2 sets of 100reps.

Step 11: Drink Water and Cool Down

At the end of the workout drink 2 gallons of water.