Introduction: How to Do a Proper Back Squat

To perfect a back squat you must start with the least amount of weight as possible. If you stack on too much weight, you are likely to hurt yourself and then you really want to doing any working out.

In my Instructables I will only be showing you the "form" of a back squat therefore, I will not be using any weight. If you are struggling with your back squat technique or if you are trying a back squat for the first time I suggest you start off using no weight. If you have a broomstick or a plastic pole around the house that would be the perfect for practicing your back squat.

Once you have practiced and mastered the technique for a back squat, you can start to add weight. Bt, be sure to always wear a weight belt and to have a spotter behind you to prevent injuries.

To do a proper back squat you only need one thing:

- a wooden pole (a plastic pole, or a broomstick can work as well)

Step 1: Feet Position

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
- If you are right footed, place your right foot slightly in front of your left foot ( See Picture #2 for correct stance)

- If you are left footed, place your left foot slightly in front of your right foot. (See Picture #3 for correct stance)

- Do not stand with your feet pointing out, a.k.a "duck-footed."  (See Picture #3 for incorrect stance)

Step 2: Bar Placement

Place the broomstick on the top of your shoulder blades.

- To prevent injury, do not place the stick on the top of your spine. (See Picture #2 for incorrect form)

In this same step, place your hands next to your shoulders.

- Wrap your numbs around the stick, but do no put any pressure on your back. You do not want to be forcing the stick down onto your back.


Step 3: Ready Position

Slightly bend your knees.
This will simultaneously put your rear down. Before you lower down into your back squat your body should look exactly like this step

Step 4: Proper Squat

Keeping your back straight and your slightly up (your vocal point should be slightly high), lower your rear like you are going to sit in a chair. This step is the most important because you cannot let your upper body go past your knees.( See Picture #2 for incorrect form)