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Introduction: How to Do Laundry

Things you may need to know before starting to wash your clothes the right way.First you would need a washer machine or dryer if you chose to dry indoor. Then you would need bleach,washing Detergent, Drying sheets, and if you chose to air dry you would need a clothes line and some clothespin. The Clothespin could be found just about any where theirs Washing Detergent and bleach.

Step 1: Have Detergent

First you would need your choice of Detergent liquid, powder, Pods, softer, bleach, and drying sheets if you using indoor dryer.

Step 2: Place All Dirty Clothes in a Pile

Place all dirty clothes in a pile.

Step 3: Sort Them

Sort them out from white to dark clothes

Step 4: Get Laundry Bag or Basket

Place your separated clothes light or dark in its own bag or basket.

Step 5: Now Its Time to Wash

When starting machine make sure your white load is on hot water and your colored is on normal or cold. Cold water is so they won't fade, Hot is so your clothes gets more clean.  Make sure you let the water run first before you put your clothes. Then when water fills half way add your detergent. Try not to add to much detergent because the suds will overflow and come out of the machine if you add to much, if this happened you would need to rinse the clothes a lease twice to get out all the suds of your clothes.

Step 6: When Adding Detergent Follow

Add your Detergent. For white put detergent and add bleach, for colored add only detergent. Make sure you don't put to much detergent or bleach follow the direction on the detergent or bleach bottle. Note be careful with the bleach because to much will make holes in your clothes.

Step 7: For New High Efficiency Washer

If its a new high efficiency washer step 5 maybe a little different. Put your clothes in machine close door now start machine. Making sure not to stuff to many clothes in the washer. you want your clothes to fit loose to flow freely. If you don't follow this step and you stuff them to tightly some of your clothes will not come out clean.

Step 8: This Is for Step 6

most new high efficiency washer adding detergent are set up like in the photo. Follow

Step 9: After Step 5 Now Its Time to Wash

Now put your separated  laundry in its own washer. Make sure you didn't make a mistake and put any dark with whites. When adding your clothes same as in step 7 Make sure not to stuff to many clothes in the washer. you want your clothes to fit loose to flow freely. If you don't follow this step and you stuff them to tightly some of your clothes will not come out clean.

Step 10: Now I Would Set a Timer

Most phones today has a timer make sure you set timer off by a minute or two off so you could make it back to the washer before time. This will work best if your washing in a college dorm so you wouldn't have to waste 30 or 25 minutes in the wash room. 

Step 11: After Timer Goes Off Time to Dry

Now its up to you if you want to air dry or put your clothes in a dryer.When you are drying try not to put clothes you think that'll shrink in the dryer that's on high. Also If you think something may shrink, you can also remove some items when its half way dry. Then you could hang them out because a lot of cotton material may shrink if in the dryer to long.

Step 12: If You Choose Drying Machine

You would only need to add drying sheets. When placing your choice of drying sheet band you should only put one to two sheets a dryer. Then repeat step 10 to save you some time.

Step 13: If Air Drying

For line drying,air drying you would need clothespin. Pin clothes on the line wait to dry then follow your next step.

Step 14: You Are Finish

Once your dryer stops your done it up to you to fold your clothes. But if you chose to fold Here a note you should do so soon as, its fresh out of the dryer. Why should you fold your clothes when they're dry? To prevent wrinkles.

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